Looking for that dish that doesn't cost too much money, will be a crowd-pleaser, and, oh, is ready in under an hour because you forgot that Friendsgiving was tonight? We've got you covered.
Credit: Photo: Andrew Purcell

Let’s face it: Thanksgiving stresses us all out way more than it should. But, lucky for us all, there is such a thing called Friendsgiving, where we give thanks for the people that we have chosen to be in our lives. Isn’t that the greatest gift that friendship has to offer? Most family Thanksgiving celebrations don’t change too much from year to year. Grandma always makes this, Dad always makes that, and the kids all help out here and there.

When it comes to Friendsgiving, however, you have many more variables to consider when planning out this fun get-together. The key to a happy and successful Friendsgiving is not bringing the most impressive and outlandish food that blows everyone else’s contribution out of the water. That is not the point. Instead, the dish that you bring should not take you an eternity to make and require you to spend a bunch of money on ingredients that you definitely do not have.

If this year’s Friendsgiving crept up on you, and you need a dish right NOW, you have come to the right place. We thought we’d take the indecision out of this seemingly overwhelming choice and get straight to business. The ultimate and absolute best dish that you should bring to your Friendsgiving this year is our Spiced Two-Bite Apple Tarts. If you’re not convinced that these are what you should be sporting to this year’s event, allow me to explain.

Best Recipe for Friendsgiving: Spiced Two-Bite Apple Tarts

What’s great about this recipe is that it’s easy, quick, can be made ahead and assembled right before the party, draws from ingredients that you already have (maybe you have to go buy two apples, a lemon, and the crème fraîche), and everyone loves a good apple tart (people that don’t should not be invited to events such as Friendsgiving).

They’re picture perfect, (Instagram, have you heard of it?), and their size is just right. Rather than fussing over pastry dough and slaving away at a pie, these are much more straightforward. Plus you don’t have to deal with the anxiety of cutting the first slice and then people being afraid to serve themselves (we all know which friends I’m talking about here).

The moral of this story is that Friendsgiving should be pure, unrated FUN! You don’t have to worry about avoiding those touchy subjects that extended family always love to bring up or saying something that might offend your elders.