Consider yourself a barista in training.
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As most of us are adapting to new routines that largely involve staying put in our homes, social media apps like Instagram are no longer full of envy-inducing cocktail Boomerangs and pictures of extravagant dinners out. Instead they mostly feature WFH outfits, book recommendations, and cooking tutorials. Yet, I’ve still managed to feel the familiar pang of mild jealousy while scrolling through the app—only now, I’m jealous of a kitchen gadget that seems to effortlessly turn regular home brewed coffee into barista-level specialty drinks.

Just about every day I catch myself in a mid-morning scroll watching multiple people prepare matcha lattes and cappuccinos at home with a little help from a simple milk frother. Don’t get me wrong, I love my trusty French press (I’ve used this Bodum Chambord one for years). But I’ve been craving something a bit more artisanal to shake up my homebound morning routine. So here I am, jealous of a milk frother and ordering one online right this minute.

My search for an affordable, top-rated milk frother led me to the Zyliss Milk Frother, which is available from Sur la Table for just $10. As someone who has on more than one occasion spent nearly that amount on a dirty chai latte from a trendy coffee shop, this seemed like a wildly economical price to pay for unlimited foamy coffee concoctions at home.

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The cordless, handheld milk frother relies on a stainless steel head designed to whip milk into a frothy frenzy in just 30 seconds. All you have to do is load it up with the two included AA batteries and press the on switch to get started.

To make a drink, pour your desired amount of milk in a pitcher, mason jar, or measuring cup, then insert the frother and turn it on. Tilt the container on a slight angle for best results and allow the frother to work its magic. You should be left with a foamy cup of milk perfect for pouring over espresso for a smooth latte.

Ready to put your barista skills to the test? Give this affordable milk frother a try.

Zyliss Milk Frother

To buy: $10;