Invite Peter Rabbit into your kitchen (if not your garden). 

By Elisabeth Sherman
February 12, 2018
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Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Today marks the release the new Peter Rabbit movie, and the resurgence of a childhood character that probably played a large part in encouraging your trouble-making impulses as a kid. Beatrix Potter's mischievous bunny is a taking a new role as a crusader against food waste in his latest animated iteration, but you'll likely be more familiar with his original illustrated version, and remember him wreaking havoc on Mr. McGregor’s farm in his little blue jacket. Those happy memories of Peter Rabbit visiting our imaginations during story time can now be captured in a new set of kitchen tools and dinnerware from Williams Sonoma.

The collection includes a charming set of illustrated kitchen tools, including a cookie jar, spatula set, bowl, and dish towel, that could make the perfect springtime addition to your kitchen. You’ll feel awash in nostalgia just looking at the scenes of Peter’s idyllic country life on each piece, which feature illustrations of Peter Rabbit and his family playing in their garden and eating carrots.

The set is also ideal for families with children, who want to get their little ones interested in and excited about cooking. To that end, the collection includes a box of carrot cake mix, a cupcake decorating set, and a set of Peter Rabbit cookie cutters, which could easily facilitate family baking activities with the help of some familiar faces.

It’s already February, meaning that, just like Peter, you and your family will coming out of hibernation, eating more fresh produce, and if you’re lucky, working in your garden under a warm sun. Even if you don't have that garden, you can welcome spring with the same warmth by reading Peter Rabbit’s stories and cooking up the season's offerings with this playful collection of kitchenware inspired by his adventures.

The entire collection went on sale today at Williams Sonoma. Here's a look at some of the prettiest pieces:

Peter Rabbit Carrot Quick Bread Mix, $15 on

Peter Rabbit spoon rest, $20 on

Peter Rabbit candle, $20 on

Peter Rabbit cookie jar, $70 on

Peter Rabbit silicone spatulas, set of three, $28 on

Peter Rabbit towel, $13 on

Peter Rabbit mixing bowl, $40 on

Peter Rabbit trivet, $15 on

Peter Rabbit cookie kit, $25 on

Peter Rabbit kids apron, $25 on

Peter Rabbit cupcake decorating kit, $13 on

Peter Rabbit doormat, $60 on