Going keto for 2019 just got easier.
Credit: Miosotis Jade/Getty Images

Amazon has made plenty of changes to Whole Foods since acquiring the chain back in 2017 — and if recent reports are to be believed, plenty more changes are to come. But at the same time, part of the value in the Whole Foods brand has always been its differences from traditional grocery stores, including its longstanding connection to the specialty foods market. Today, Whole Foods announced a new feature that ties back into those roots, as well as offering a nod to its new online overlords: The grocer’s website will now make it easier for customers to shop according to their dietary needs.

At the website products.wholefoodsmarket.com, items can now be sorted by dietary preference, from hip new diets like “Keto Friendly” to more traditional distinctions like “Kosher” to even slightly broader categories like “Sugar Conscious.” Products can also be sorted by other filters including product type, sales, and, of course, Prime member deals. Then, once you’ve picked out your Paleo-friendly canned goods, you can click through on individual items to get the Nutrition Facts panel, a list of ingredients, product shots, and pricing.

“Whole Foods Market has always been a go-to for those who follow special diets or want greater transparency into what they are eating,” Jason Buechel, executive vice president of technology and chief information officer for Whole Foods, said in a statement. “This new experience makes it easier than ever for those customers to find products that fit their needs from dietary preferences to lifestyle changes and ultimately helps them achieve their wellness goals.”

Whole Foods said that its own data shows that nearly a third of its regular customers follow specific dietary guidelines while shopping. With that in mind, the store offers a baker’s dozen of dietary preference sorting options: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, paleo friendly, keto friendly, sugar conscious, dairy free, kosher, organic, Whole Foods diet, Engine 2, low sodium, and low fat.