The internet says "maybe." 
Credit: Melissa Renwick/Getty Images

Fall doesn't officially start until September 22, but if there's one food trend that's dead set on proving that seasons are a social construct, it's pumpkin spice. Ever since Starbucks debuted its PSL on August 28 (notably early for the coffee chain), pumpkin spice everything has been crowding grocery store shelves. And while Trader Joe's has been slowly releasing their seasonal treats—some pumpkin ginger mini ice cream cones here, a few pumpkin-flavored Greek yogurts there—they haven't really dropped the mother lode yet. Although, that could change this week.

The popular Instagram handle @traderjoeslist (which is a fan account and not, as we should note, officially affiliated with Trader Joe's) recently posted a photo of a TJ's chalkboard sign that reads "Pumpkin Invasion Sept 12, A ship load of pumpkin arrives!!!" (The word "ship" isn't a typo—there's an actual drawing of a pirate ship, as you can see below.)

While this image was regrammed from a Florida-based account, and probably doesn't hold true for every Trader Joe's outpost, there is evidence to suggest that at least some locations of the grocery store chain are releasing more PSL products over the next few days. For one, when a fan posed the question, "When does TJ's start putting out the pumpkin-flavored stuff?" on the Trader Joe's subreddit last week, answers (some of which appeared to be from store employees) ranged from "soon" to "mid-September" to "we were told to tell customers the tenth."

And, when that same question was asked on that same subreddit today, it was met with responses like "tonight" and "2-3 days." Some people chimed in to say that their local TJ's had just started stocking the seasonal goods (pumpkin bagels, pumpkin babka, and pumpkin chai latte cake were a few of the products mentioned). So, if you've been planning a big Trader Joe's haul, this might be the week to go.