For the second year in a row!
Credit: Denise Taylor/Getty Images

Maybe you hit up one grocery store for its super fresh produce, another for its low prices, and a third for its impressive cheese selection. But, when it comes down to it, can you pick a favorite? That's a question that consumer data science firm Dunnhumby poses every year, and Trader Joe's took the top spot for the second year in a row.

To arrive at their conclusion, Dunnhumby surveyed over 7,000 U.S. households, who were asked to rank the country's top 55 supermarket chains on seven criteria: price, quality, digital (a.k.a. online and in-app shopping and delivery), operations, convenience, discounts, and speed of shopping. “Trader Joe’s is a prime example of a retailer making trade-offs in order to deliver superior value, and it has earned them the top spot in our rankings two years in a row,” the report, which was shared with Fox Business, said. “With its small format, lack of digital shopping and limited national brand offering, the retailer focuses on speed of in-store shopping and having a rich private brand offering. This brick and mortar only, private brand approach minimizes costs and keeps prices low, allowing them to pad margins and reinvest in customer service, product quality and in-store experience.”

By rich private brand offering, we're assuming they mean a constantly rotating assortment of inventive snacks. Right now, the internet can't get enough of Trader Joe's pancake bread (pictured above). This is also the store that brought us mini stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches, French onion soup bites, and carrot cake spread—but also healthier options like butternut squash fries, and great salad kits.

As for the rest of the rankings, Costco Wholesale came in second, followed by—interestingly—Amazon, then H-E-B, and Wegmans. Check out the full top ten, below:

  1. Trader Joe’s
  2. Costco Wholesale
  3. Amazon
  4. H-E-B
  5. Wegmans Food Markets
  6. Market Basket
  7. Sam’s Club
  8. Sprouts Farmers Markets
  9. WinCo Foods
  10. Walmart