The AvoSeedo will make that avocado keep longer
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Credit: Photo via Getty Images

Avocados are a tease. They're so delicious and make everything so much better, but figuring out their ripe window is an art form—one that’s complicated even further by the dreaded brown avocado half when god forbid you don't use an entire avocado in one go. Then, of course, there’s the added guilt if you’re a millennial, because apparently, all that wasted avocado is keeping us from buying a house one day! However, there's one gizmo that claims it can save us and help extend a half-avocado’s life (not to be confused with an avocado’s half-life) for less than 10 bucks.   

AvoSeedo is a company for the most dedicated avocado fans if they want to grow some of the green fruit themselves. But if you’re not feeling quite that ambitious, the company just rolled out something that might be more your speed. The Avocado Saver is a cute little device that essentially acts as the replacement for the half of the avocado you already ate, with a cute little seatbelt-looking strap to keep the avocado half in place. It reduces your avocado's exposure to oxygen, which will supposedly keep it fresher for longer. 

"This kitchen gadget is a necessity for every avocado lover," the company wrote on its website. "The lifespan of the avocado is diminished drastically once it's been cut into, but with the help [of] the Avocado Saver, freshness is effortlessly preserved by slowing the oxidization process."

It's even dishwasher safe! What are we all waiting for? Personally, after years of getting my heart broken by the ever-tantalizing avocado, I think it sounds too good to be true. But hey, it's only $5 on amazon, so it’s worth a shot. And if it doesn’t work, there’s always lemon juice, plastic wrap, and just praying for a miracle.