Don't sleep on all the quality (and cheap) buys that your local Target store has to offer. From nut butters and grains to canned beans and frozen veggies, this superstore has got you covered.

By Sara Tane
August 02, 2017
Credit: Sara Tane

With so many options of where to stock your fridge and your pantry these days, it’s easy to get caught up in the thrilling adrenaline rush that is saving money. Between Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Aldi, every store has got their secrets—you’ve just got to know what you’re looking for. Even if Target isn’t your go-to grocer, its shelves are jam-packed with straight up steals.

We’d even go as far to say that there are just certain items that you shouldn’t buy anywhere besides Target. Why? Frankly, it’s much cheaper and you don’t have to sacrifice quality. Whether you live and die by the red bullseye, or you’re new to the food-shopping game that this superstore has to offer, we’ve gathered some of our picks for food staples* that you should be purchasing from Target.

Market Pantry Canned Beans, $.77

Did the world’s cheapest pantry staple just get even cheaper? Yes, yes it did. Stick to the the basic Market Place brand (unseasoned) and you’ll be making bean salads and hearty chilis for almost no cost at all.

Market Pantry Salsa (24-oz.), $1.99

For a hefty jar of salsa that will last you through several taco nights, we’re not even bothering with what the mainstream grocers have got to offer. Plus, it’s really good. Have we mentioned that?

California Olive Ranch Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (25 oz.), $10.99

We don’t steer from store brand often (it’s usually just as good), but when we do, it’s in the name of olive oil. Since we’re using this liquid gold on just about anything and everything, we want to make sure we’ve got the good stuff (100% California grown olives!). And when said good stuff is sold at such a reasonable price, who are we to pass that up?

Market Pantry Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip Morsels, $2.32

If you don’t keep a bag of these on hand for those unpredictable sweet tooth cravings, then who even are you? Since you’re already there buying a new pajama set and slippers, it’s only right that you accompany this comfortable get-up with a warm chocolate chip cookie.

Simply Balanced 90-Second Farro, $1.99

Yes, buying uncooked grains is definitely cheaper, but it’s also kinda hard. Skip the trauma of boiling the grains yourself and opt for this microwavable pouch, which is ready in under 2 minutes. For two, fuss-free servings of grains, this will come in clutch for your next busy, weeknight dinner.

Simply Balanced Cashew Butter, $5.79

Okay, we know that living that fancy, nut butter lifestyle is not a cheap one, but clearly, Target wants the rest of us to have nice things. For less than $6, a swoon-worthy jar of ~cashew~ butter is YOURS. This stuff is upwards of $10 at *others stores that we will not mention right now.* How does THAT taste?

Market Pantry Frozen Brussels Sprouts, $1.49

Sure, it may not be the most exciting grocery purchase, but we all could use a little more green in our lives (talking about veggies AND dollar bills, you feel me?). They steam in the bag, they’re ready in minutes, and they will cost you less than $2. Being healthy is easy AND fun.

Archer Farms Honey Cinnamon Almonds, $6.99

Let’s be real—everybody needs some good ol’ snacking action in their life. However, we all know the struggle of buying nuts—a couple generous handfuls can add up pretty thanks! For a salty/sweet craving, these little beauties are a no-brainer, and they’ll play nice with your wallet, too.

*Prices may vary based on location.