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When it comes to Dutch ovens, bigger is usually better. After all, you want a vessel large enough to hold hearty braises, freezer-friendly soups and stews, and comforting casseroles. But if your current pot is prohibiting you from living your best big-batch life, now’s an excellent time to treat yourself: Staub just slashed $286 off the original price of its extra-large model.

Staub’s tall cocottes (another name for Dutch ovens) feature high sides for ample cooking space without taking up room on the stovetop. They’re made from the brand’s renowned enameled cast iron, which holds heat for hours, is stick-resistant out of the box, and can handle oven temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. No matter if you’re craving deep-fried doughnuts or soul-warming chicken noodle soup, these cocottes are ready to deliver.

But what makes Staub’s cookware so special is on the inside. The pots’ tight-fitting lids have tiny spikes that contain and evenly distribute moisture throughout cooking. That means your roasts won’t dry out and your bread will emerge from the oven with a dreamy golden crust. 

Users love their Staub cocottes for their versatility and high-quality craftsmanship, raving about their clever design on the brand’s site. One wrote, “Great for soups, chili, and also deep frying. The black textured enamel interior browns and caramelizes well. The self-basting spikes on the inside of the lid keeps precious moisture and flavor in the pot.”

A second added, “Love the height of this pot, which takes advantage of the vertical space on your stovetop.”

The 5-quart cocottes are large enough to feed a four-person family or for anyone who wants to prepare make-ahead meals. The tall sides are also ideal for cooking bone-in meats and layered dishes like lasagna, as well as deep-frying without fear of splatters. 

Plus, you don’t need to hide these cocottes away in your cabinets. Staub’s gorgeous colors make a bold statement on your counter or table. Pick from cherry, grenadine, dark blue, graphite, and matte black on sale. 

The tall cocotte typically costs $486, but you can snag your own for just $200 right now. What are you waiting for? Go big or go home.


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