The nostalgia-inducing appliance is just the right size for small kitchens, campers, or dorm rooms.

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Credit: Amazon

Kitchen technology has come a long way—what did we all do before our air fryers?—but newer doesn't always mean better. Vintage-inspired toasters, tea kettles, and more are all making a resurgence thanks to their stylish flair and efficiency. And while you're updating your kitchen with throwback pieces, over 1,800 Amazon shoppers agree that The Nostalgia Store's Retro Electric Breakfast Station is a necessary addition to your kitchen.

The clever three-in-one breakfast station includes a griddle with a corresponding lid, a toaster, and a coffee maker with a reusable filter, all housed in one compact appliance. Don't let its size fool you: The appliance is built to feed a family all at once. The griddle can fit your choice of eggs, bacon, and sausage, the toaster oven can fit multiple slices of toast or bagel halves, and the coffee maker can brew up to four cups of joe.

Credit: Amazon

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The appliance is also a great option for non-breakfast items. The toaster fits cookies, casseroles, or up to a 7-inch pizza, and the griddle fits burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. When you're done prepping your meal, the toaster wire rack, oven tray, crumb rack, and griddle are all removable and easy to clean.

Five-star reviewers praise the device for its ease of use and cute design, and the appliance is especially beloved by people who live in smaller spaces. Shoppers say the compact size is the perfect solution for tiny kitchens and dorm room living. "I have had this for about five months and absolutely love it," one shopper writes. "I live in a tiny apartment and needed something we could all use in a small kitchen. I get compliments all the time about how cool it is. And for the price, I don't think you can go wrong."

Another says: "This is an awesome appliance, it saves counter space and the coffee pot brews a mean yummy cuyp of coffee. I fried bacon this morning and it takes so much less time on the stove in a frying pan. I'm very pleased."

Even if you don't live in a small space, reviewers suggest giving this multipurpose tool a try. Since it's portable, customers love bringing it camping, tailgating, or just into their backyard to enjoy breakfast outdoors.

If you're looking for a new, stylish, and multipurpose kitchen appliance—that's based on a not-so-new concept—try The Nostalgia Store's Retro Electric Breakfast Station.

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