Don’t toss it out just yet.

By Ananda Eidelstein
December 08, 2017
Credit: Photo by Stefan Kirchner via Getty Images

This secret will have you thinking, “I’m having déjà vu,” like back to a few days ago when you were spreading butter on that fresh and crusty baguette, or tearing and dipping that country loaf into steaming soup. This secret isn’t about re-purposing bread, it’s about enjoying it for the simple, beautiful thing it is, like you just picked it up from the bakery. Sure, we love croutons, too, but you can only have so many.

So for the bread that was once fresh and a few days later it's turned into a rock, listen up. Run it under running water. Yes, that’s right. Go to the sink, turn on the faucet, and run that baguette under water to cover its surface. If you’ve already cut into the bread, just make sure it doesn’t get into that cut side. You’re just looking for the water to coat the bread on the exterior. Really go for it. I’ve sprinkled tough, stale bread with water before and it just doesn’t do the trick. Really run it under water. We mean it.

Then, place it in a warm oven set to 325°F for 5 to 8 minutes, depending on how large your loaf is. You won’t believe what comes out. It’s like magic. It’s fresh bread as you know it. Do yourself a favor, cut into it, spread some butter on it (which will melt deliciously), and…you’re welcome. The combination of the steam created from the water and the warm oven creates a tender crumb on the inside and a crusty exterior.

It’s like stale never happened.