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Thanksgiving is over, and many are now wondering what to do with their leftovers. While coming up with ways to deal with uneaten food can seem tedious, food waste is actually a serious issue. We’re always looking for handy helpers to help prevent it in the first place.

Thankfully, it’s the best time of the year to shop for kitchenware, and right now you can get Rubbermaid’s highly rated FreshWorks Produce Saver for 34 percent off on Amazon. These storage containers are not your typical plastic containers—they are designed specifically with Rubbermaid’s FreshVent technology, which regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide through a durable lid filter, to keep produce fresh for longer periods of time.

The FreshWorks Produce Saver not only controls the airflow, it also comes with a Rubbermaid CrispTray on the bottom that will wick moisture away. Food bacteria thrives in wet environments, so by keeping moisture away, the FreshWorks container can prevent mold from growing and therefore store your food fresh for longer. Rubbermaid recommends putting your fruits and vegetables into the FreshWorks container right after you buy them without washing them, so when you take your produce out again, they’ll stay as fresh as they were the day you got them.

As one of Amazon’s best-sellers in the Food Storage & Organization Sets category, these Rubbermaid Containers have been praised by shoppers. “I live alone and therefore have a lot of trouble getting fresh vegetables to last long enough for me to eat them up,” said one reviewer. “I was throwing away a lot... But these containers have saved the day. They really work to keep veggies such as spinach and baby kale much longer.”

So to cut back on food waste this holiday season, pick up a FreshWorks container that will keep you from having to throw out your unused produce. You can get these food storage containers on sale now as part of Amazon’s Black Friday sale, and for only $18, you’ll get a 6.3-cup and two 17.3-cup containers with lids. And while you’ll be saving 34 percent (until the deal ends at 11:59 p.m. PT, that is), you’ll also be helping take care of the planet, too.

To buy: $18 (originally $27); amazon.com