No drawers? No problem.

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My kitchen doesn't have any drawers, and like many New Yorkers before me, this is something I've had to accept as part of the terms and conditions of living in this city. Inhabiting a tiny apartment with quirks and inconveniences is practically a rite of passage here, and it's forced me to get creative with storage space. Luckily, based on the number of countertop organizers available on Amazon alone, I'm not the only person dealing with a kitchen drawer shortage (a quick search reveals over 4,000 results). So it wasn't too difficult to find a place to stow my knives and cutting boards after all.

I turned to a sleek countertop organizer from Yamazaki, which is know for its home storage solutions. In fact, it's the same brand that makes the cute and efficient dry rack that occupies my kitchen's sole counter (save for the rolling island I purchased to make up for this shortcoming). Clearly, I'm a fan of its streamlined kitchen essentials, and its knife and cutting board station lived up to my expectations. Modern in design down to its all-white coloring, it has two racks to vertically hold multiple cutting boards and slots to stash knives blade-down; they hang wedged between a wooden piece of material and thin steel bars. The entire organizer is just 4.7 by 5.5 inches, making it ideal for cramped kitchens. Not only does it provide ample storage for knives and cutting boards, but it also acts as a chopping station where I can quickly grab what I need and start prep work on my meals.

Be warned, this is for small kitchens with small tools. The stand is just under 9 inches tall, meaning it can't accommodate knives with blades longer than that, so pay attention to measurements before ordering. However, I find it's just the right size for my set of three knives, including a chef's knife, a serrated blade knife, and a small paring knife. The three blades dangle in the slots without touching the counter beneath them. And while my cutting boards extends out past the steel frame, they still stay securely in place.

Dozens of Amazon shoppers have given the organization station five-star ratings. Oe called it "a must-have for small kitchens," and another said its "fits great in modern and minimalist space."

If you're on the hunt for a storage solution that isn't an eyesore, click below to buy this space-efficient countertop organizer you won't mind leaving out on display.

Credit: Amazon

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