It's a cutting board, organizer, and cooking station all in one.
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If your kitchen looks like a scene from Armageddon after you meal prep, you’re not alone. I’m pretty sure that all of my utensils, spices, and containers join together and plot against me to drive me mad after hours of work over the stovetop. Even worse, I feel like every time I take on a big prep, I misplace half of the things I’m using: Knives end up with the straws (which, speaking from experience, is a very un-fun thing to discover), spoons end up in the refrigerator, and the spices…well, if you see my paprika, just let me know.

Now, I’m not a big spender—hence the prepping—but I’d shell out some major un-prepped dough for something that would rid me of these kitchen nightmares. That’s how I came to find the Prepdeck station ($125;

A few minutes researching meal prep hacks online led me to the most beautiful kitchen item known to humankind: a sleek cutting board, storage unit, and organizational device all in one. The Prepdeck station looks like Apple, Lamborghini, and Ikea engineers all came together to design the best thing to ever involve a kitchen.

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What looks like a normal rectangular box folds out to reveal a two-tiered station with spaces specifically designed to hold containers, fit discarded food, and support all the chopping you can handle. If your mind isn’t blown already, the Prepdeck comes with 45 other features that might pique your interest. Among them? A removable trash bin, a bottle opener, a veggie peeler, a cheese grater, a juicer, a garlic grater, and a slicer. But saddle up, because this is the feature that did it for me: The entire Prepdeck is dishwasher-safe. Do you hear the choir of school children singing “Hallelujah”? Because I do. And those containers I mentioned earlier? Those are included in your purchase, too—and there’s 15 of them.

As if it weren’t cute enough, when you buy the prep station, you can pick an exterior that speaks to you (and matches your kitchen). Right now on Amazon, you can choose from birch, walnut, or marble finishes.

Meal prep doesn’t have to feel like the end of the world—with the Prepdeck, it could feel like the start of a whole new one.

Prepdeck Meal Prep Station Cutting Board with Prep Containers

To buy: $125 (was $150);