Have bread, will travel.
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If you regularly bake banana bread, pumpkin bread, or any number of other quick breads, you know that wrapping them can be a hassle. Sure, you can swaddle them with wax paper and then add a layer of aluminum foil, but you and I both know the moment someone opens the package to grab a slice, the seal has been broken. Soon, your delicious loaf will be a rock-hard brick.

But you don't have to let your beloved zucchini breads suffer that fate anymore. You can keep your loaves and breads moist, safe, and well covered with Nordic Ware's Loaf Cake Keeper. The BPA- and melamine-free plastic carrier is designed specifically for loaf breads. The rectangle-shaped base won't take up as much space on your counter as a round cake plate, and the shorter lid won't invite a lot of extra air that will just make your bread turn stale faster.

The scalloped-edge base can be used as a serving tray, too, so all you have to do is slice the bread, add a bowl of butter or jam, and pop on the plastic lid until it's time to serve. Remove the lid, and your baked good is ready for primetime.

Credit: Amazon

To buy: $21; amazon.com

The loaf keeper, which is made in the U.S. by Minnesota-based Nordic Ware, is designed for the iconic bakeware brand's rectangular loaf pans, like this fabulous Fluted Cast Loaf Pan. It will, of course, work with any loaf pan you use to bake your breads.

"I like to make sweet breads and keeping them wrapped in plastic or foil on a plate was always a pain," one five-star reviewer wrote. "This loaf keeper is the perfect solution."

Another reviewer notes it's a great option for log cakes, too, like a chocolate Yule log or a cannoli cake roll.

"Why hasn't someone thought of this before?!!! This keeper is amazing. How do you store a quick bread without?" writes another reviewer who gave the loaf keeper five stars. "I love this and have purchased some gifts for Christmas. This is much needed in any kitchen if you are making homemade banana bread or any other type and need a way to store it. Awesome!"

Nordic Ware also makes a Bundt Cake Keeper, which is taller than many traditional cake plates to account for the Bundt pan's extra height. If you collect beautiful Bundt cake pans, or if a baker in your life does, this is certainly an item worth adding to the kitchen.

Credit: Amazon

To buy: Bundt Cake Keeper in Red, $23; amazon.com