Skulls, pumpkins, and more!

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Credit: Amazon

As much as I’m a fan of all the bite-sized candy and sweets Halloween brings, this year I’m planning on celebrating the spookiest season with a bigger treat: 3-D pumpkins, skulls, and tombstones all made of cake. And it’s going to be as easy as reaching for a box of cake mix.

No, I’m not talking about dark magic. I’ll be able to do this with the help of Nordic Ware’s impressive pans, which come in all sorts of cute and creepy designs perfect for any Halloween bash. And if you want to join me, you’re in luck: Right now, several designs are on sale for up to 33% off.

If you aren’t familiar with Nordic Ware, know that the Minnesota-based company created and popularized the Bundt pan, and is renowned for its dependable cookie sheets and baking tools. So, it’s no surprise that the brand also excels in creating dramatically decorative cake pans that require nothing more than pouring and baking.

Made of durable cast aluminum, the pans are molded into shapes that bake details directly into the cake. What’s more, the premium nonstick coating makes removing and cleanup a breeze.

Scroll down to check out the four Halloween Nordic Ware pans on sale right now, plus why users love them. You’d better hurry though, because we don’t know when these discounted prices will disappear!

Tombstone Cakelets

Best Amazon review: “20 years ago things like this were only novelty, if it worked one time, you were lucky! So imagine my surprise at the durability of this bakeware! They are so easy to clean, there's no need to even ask if they are dishwasher safe (although the are.) You can simply quickly hand wash them as easy as rinsing them to put in the dishwasher. So far I've only made pizza puffs a few times but the shape is awesomely fun. All of my friends have asked how I did it. So many possibilities of things to make using these pans! Thank you Nordic Ware!”

To buy: $27 (originally $40);

Haunted Skull Pan

Best Amazon review: “Made a zombie cake for my nephew last year and he absolutely loved it! I like how I could make a cake and coat with powdered sugar for a simple cake or fully decorate with icing and gruesome items for the eyeballs. I was able to put icing between the pieces to hold the head together to make it 3-D and it stood up on the 9"x13" cake just fine without bamboo sticks. Easy to clean too.”

To buy: $28 (originally $34);

Haunted Skull Cakelet Pan

Best Amazon review: “This pan is exactly what I was looking for. As a high school and college Spanish student, I enjoyed the decorating of sugar skull cupcakes as part of the Dia de los Muertos celebration, and wanted to share the tradition with my family. We tested these pans out (several months early) yesterday and they were even better than the ones I'd used in school. The pan has a nonstick coating, but I used cooking spray just to be safe after my high school cakes got stuck to the pans I used back then - but now I think it may not have even been necessary. The cakes popped right out when I flipped the pan over!”

To buy: $28 (originally $34);

3-D Pumpkin Pan

Best Amazon review: “Used this pan to make a smash cake for my niece and turned out great. I used pound cake and it held its shape perfectly.”

To buy: $28 (originally $40);