Meet morel.
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If you're a fan of Le Creuset—the French brand famous for its cast iron dutch ovens, among so many other great pans, skillets and the like—you're probably aware that they come out with new colors all the time. And, if you're like us, you're consistently impressed that the new colors continue to convince you to make room in your small kitchen for just one more piece. The latest color, spotted over at The Kitchn, incites no different response: Le Creuset fans, meet morel, and prepare to find space in your cupboards, because you're going to want to add this one to your collection.

Morel Dutch ovens in this silky brown color are available exclusively at Sur la Table right now, and come in the following sizes: 2.75-quart Dutch oven, a 6.75-quart Dutch oven, and a 3.5-quart buffet casserole with glass lid.

According to Le Creuset, the color was "inspired by a variety of mushroom beloved by chefs," and "pairs the earthy tones of the forest floor with warm bronze accents." Say no more. We plan to cook up all the mushroom risotto (see here for 10 excellent recipes) in this Dutch oven this season, as well as our favorite Dutch oven classics, like anything braised. (Hello, short ribs.)

They also recently released another dreamy color: A beautiful Indigo that went on sale September 1.

It's not all about the classic Dutch oven, though. Breaking out of its cast iron mold, Le Creuset also starting selling a new line of stainless steel pots and pans this year that should leave diehard fans excited to try something new from the brand. And the most diehard among you will travel to Atlanta for the factory sale, going down November 1 through 4.

And if you're still wondering how to pronounce Le Creuset, watch Vivian Howard clarify it for you.