The company's newest piece of cookware is available exclusively at Bloomingdale's. 
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Credit: Courtesy of Bloomingdale's

A Le Creuset Dutch oven is one of those kitchen appliances that I fantasize about owning (the other one is the Vitamix blender). I imagine that coming home to that durable, shining beacon for advanced home cooks will finally make me an adult. The colors—lemon yellow, fire engine red, smoky grey—elevate the Le Creuset, so that it’s not just a practical appliance you can use for a whole host of dinners, from braising, to roasting, to slow cooking, but a stylish, classy addition to your kitchen. Clearly, I feel strongly about the necessity of owning this piece of cookware.

This year, Le Creuset released some gorgeous additions to its line (as if to disprove the very incorrect assumption that appliances can't also be art pieces): There is, for instance, the line of millennial pink cookware or the cocottes inspired by Snow White. The company even expanded their line of Beauty and the Beast cookware. But nothing Le Creuset has released yet is, as far as I’m concerned, more drool-worthy than this new starry sky patterned Dutch oven, which recently became available—along with a complete collection of deep navy blue Le Creuset appliances—exclusively at Bloomingdales.

The new Dutch oven is minimalist, yet elegant. The subtle pattern, twinkling white and gold stars, will add a little bit of character to your kitchen—something to brighten up the shelves that usually hold drab pots and pans. It looks as though it could cheer up any room, start a conversation at a dinner party, or simply serve as a piece of cookware for you to admire even when you’re alone in the kitchen, as a sign that you have finally achieved the kitchen of your dreams. It could become the jewel (or the star, if you will) of any home cook’s kitchen.

These are not just the dramatic overtures of a person obsessed with pots. Sturdy, long-lasting appliances that you can use to cook meals for your loved ones really do have the ability to transform your home. Put one this one from Le Creuset on your Christmas list this year, and you might just find out what I mean.

Le Creuset 4.5 Quart Round Oven With Star Applique, $380 at