It has more than 1,000 five star reviews.
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These days, there is an endless assortment of kitchen gadgets to buy on Amazon, from a must-have Microplane to the popular Instant Pot. But with 1,088 five star reviews and zero reviews below four stars, the Surpahs Over the Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack beats out the rest as the most popular kitchen gadget on Amazon.

It’s genius, really: a silicone-coated, moisture-resistant steel drying rack that you can place over your sink when in use, then roll up and store in your utensil drawer or under the sink when you're finished. For anyone with limited kitchen counter space, this is $24 very well-spent.

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The drying rack can do more than meets the eye. One reviewer uses it has a cooling rack for her bread, and others claim it's great as a vegetable colander. Of course, you can also dry dishes on it—even heavy-duty hot pots and pans. Bonus: it’s non-slip, oil-resistant, and dishwasher safe, too.

Just in case you don’t love your Surpahs Drying Rack as much as everyone else on the internet, you can take advantage of their 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. If anything happens to your new favorite gadget, you have a full lifetime warranty.

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So the question is this: what will you do with your newfound counter space, and the time you would have spent drying dishes? We suggest starting with our collection of reader-favorite recipes.