You’ll wish you had thought of this years ago.

By Maggie Burch
July 10, 2018
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Michael Pohuski/Getty Images

Let’s face it: Nobody looks forward to cleaning their microwave. Especially the inside. It can be hard to reach all the corners, and food doesn’t just spill and splatter in it—it spills and splatters and then gets heated up and dried on all 6 sides of the microwave, making cleaning even harder.

WATCH: How To Clean A Microwave

It’s also really easy to ignore the inside of your microwave because as long as the door is closed, no one can see the mess. But every time you’re heating up leftovers or nuking your morning coffee, you get a subtle reminder that it’s actually pretty dang gross in there. We’ve all come up with solutions to try to keep food splattering to a minimum: paper towels over a plate of food, a plate over a bowl of food, maybe you leave the lid on the Tupperware cracked. These may work most of the time but they also create more mess and dishes to clean. And let’s be honest, there are plenty of times you’ve skipped covering your food at all because it was an extra step to grab something to put on top of it.

That’s where this Microwave Essentials Plate Cover from Amazon comes in handy. It lives in your microwave, so you don’t have the excuse of nothing being within reach to cover your food. And unlike other plastic microwave covers that sit on the turntable and have to come in and out of the microwave if you’re ever making popcorn or defrosting meat and don’t need it, this one has magnets on the top of it. So it sticks to the top of your microwave whenever you don’t need it, and when you do, you just pull it down over your food. Pure genius.

The cover is BPA free, so it’s safe for microwave use, and has vents at the top to help your food heat properly and evenly. And instead of having to clean your entire microwave, you have to take only the cover out to wash it by hand every few uses. At just $7, it’s really a smart purchase.

My mom (an impressive cook and a big fan of leftovers) gets credit for discovering this handy kitchen gadget. She genuinely thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, and promptly bought one for everyone she knows to be part of their Christmas gift. Having this cover in my microwave has been such a game-changer. Food splatter is nearly nonexistent now and, most importantly in my small apartment, it’s not an extra gadget I have to store since it’s stored in the microwave. It couldn’t be more convenient.