The Suits actress (and royal-to-be) will always be our dream brunch date.
Credit: USA Network / Getty Images

Suits actress Meghan Markle may be all over the news right now for her recent engagement to Prince Harry, but let's not forget about everything that already made her (basically) a royal in our eyes. Markle, who has two million followers on Instagram, has long demonstrated her exquisite taste in food, routinely posting photos of the delicious meals she's eating when she's not running back and forth between England and the U.S. or filming her hit television series. She also ran a food-heavy lifestyle website, The Tig, from 2014 to 2017, and her Twitter bio lists "foodie" as one of her descriptors, so you know it's real.

Here, we recap every time Markle's Instagram made us want to be her forever brunch date. (Take note of some of her favorite restaurants, too.)

1. When her sushi-ordering decisions were on-point.

Fans speculated that her order came from Sugarfish, and we approve.

2. When her Thanksgiving dinner included ham.


3. When she roasted the perfect turkey.

This isn't even fair.

4. When she drank her tea from an elephant tea pot.

We're glad she likes tea, because her life is about to include a lot of it.

5. When her breakfast spread was so beautiful we had to take a personal day.

Because you should never have to choose between smoked salmon or bacon.

6. When she made vegan food look magazine-worthy.

Where can we get those plates, though?

7. When she went to Capri and ate like a queen.

Erm, princess.

8. When she did London properly.

If you don't eat a roast while traveling to the U.K., did you even go there?

9. When her snack-game was immaculate.

Spritz, nuts and olives—the ideal Positano aperitivo.

10. When she double-fisted like a champion.

Nothing but respect for OUR princess.

11. When she ordered in from FLOCK Rotisserie + Greens in Toronto for a mother-daughter dinner.

We need that chicken.

12. When she did this really adorable thing with raspberries.

We have a feeling when we do this at home, it will be less cute.

13. When she had her priorities straight.

Sorry, Harry.

13. When she schooled Matt Lauer.

It doesn't feel fair how many skills she has.

14. When her "date night for one" included pasta.

And a bottle of wine, of course.

15. When her acai bowl actually made us want to eat an acai bowl.

From Rivatasize in Toronto.

16. When her respect for bread and butter matched our own.

She gets us.

17. When she ate queso from her lap in Austin, Texas.

Role model material.

This article originally appeared in Food & Wine