Weekly meal prepping does not have be a daunting task. Victory starts in the kitchen each week with a few tools that can help ease the load. 

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Credit: Getty Images/Brett Stevens

Sunday rolls around… you know the drill, it’s time to meal prep like a champ and feel good about the upcoming week. Roll up your sleeves and get your mind right to get down in the kitchen. First thing you wanna do: Review the recipes you plan to cook and double check that you have all you ingredients. Nothing is worse than realizing you’re missing an essential ingredient mid-way through cooking. Remember, keep your recipes simple, make enough food to last through the work week, and aim for a little variety. Next, blast your favorite podcast or music and get to it. Here are a few kitchen tools that we find especially useful during the meal prepping process.

Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

When you pace back in forth from the sink to the stove to the counter (where you’re going to stand chopping and prepping for a while), it puts strain on your body that you don’t notice until you take a seat. Your feet and back will thank you after an hour or two of standing on an anti fatigue kitchen floor mat. The mat provides relief and promotes proper circulation to your feet and legs while standing.

Food Storage Containers

The right food container set is key. A set with a variety of shapes and sizes works best to accommodate each meal. This 38-piece set from Rubbermaid is leak-proof and seamlessly goes from the refrigerator to the microwave for reheating food. The itty bitty sized containers are perfect for additional sauces, salad dressings, and seasonings that typically spill over in the bustle of the day. We also really like to use stackable bento boxes for their individual compartments.

Insulated Water Bottle

Keep your drinks icy cool or coffee/tea piping hot (for up to 24 hours) with this vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle from Swell. The bottle comes in a variety of funky colors to match your personality. You are likely to drink more water when you tote around a water bottle with you throughout the day, so be sure to pack it in your to-go bag at the onset of the week.

Glass Jars with Tight-Fitting Lids

Glass jars are versatile inside and out of the kitchen. We love to build salads in them starting with the dressing and other wet toppings on the bottom, layering up with the leafy greens. Then, just shake it up when you’re ready to eat. They’re also great for storing dry snacks like nuts, raisins, and popcorn on your desk for easy snacking. It’s generally just a good idea to have a few jars around in your kitchen.

Lunch Tote

Soft lunch totes with made out of neoprene keeps your food cool up to 6 hours. This tote from Nordic by Nature stretches to fit various container shapes and easily folds for convenient storage. Sport a fun pattern for a stylish look to show off at the office.

Compact Blender

Warning: A high-speed, high-powered compact blender might just change your life. Blend cashews or almonds to make a simple nut butter for nutritious snacking or a grown-up nut butter and jelly sandwich. Make salad dressings, pestos, and hummus in a breeze. Pre-portion a week’s worth of fruits in freezer safe baggies to blend in the morning for fast breakfast smoothies. The main benefit of a compact blender, like this one from Magic Blender, is that it’s much easier to clean and store compared to a full-sized version.