Every country girl knows this one.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 24, 2018
alexandraribeiro/Getty Images

Southerners know all the tricks in the book for the best deviled eggs. And how to whip up a batch of the fluffiest scrambled eggs you've ever had. And...

But Southerners also know that the ultimate secret to delicious eggs at the dining room table is in your backyard: A chicken coop. There's no better way to ensure you've got fresh, tasty eggs than to raise your own hens. Did we mention how budget-friendly the move is, too?

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"Fixer Upper" ringleader Joanna Gaines clearly agrees, with an entire feature in the spring issue of The Magnolia Journal on raising chickens and building your own coop. “I love the back-to-basics aspect of raising chickens. My kids are getting to learn what it means to care for animals as well as a lesson on where we get our food," the HGTV star said. "It’s one of the simplest ways to experience farm living."

While the coop Magnolia shared on instagram certainly is pretty, here's some more inspiration for the garden hen house of your dreams.