In pretty array of colors, Le Creuset’s latest collection is offered in everything from ice cream bowls to coffee mugs.
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Credit: Claire Femiani

The sheer number of new launches from Le Creuset is honestly becoming difficult to keep up with. In January, they launched a new lavender color called Provence and a line of Mickey Mouse cookware, and more recently revealed a Clover Cocotte fit for any St. Patrick’s Day celebration. And though it would be easy to let my eyes glaze over at the announcement of a new line, the Sorbet Collection, available in May 2018, is honestly too cute to ignore—and might just be their best one yet.

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The collection features six shades of pastel: Coastal Blue, Cool Mint, Chiffon Pink, Mimosa, Dune (a sand-like color), and Cotton (white). Every set comes with an assortment of either four or six colors, so you’ll have a rainbow of whatever it is you choose. A set of six spoons or six ramekins will set you back just $30, while six espresso mugs cost $50, four ice cream bowls clock in at $60, six coffee mugs are $75, and four mini-cocottes are $80. The whole vibe feels like an old-fashioned ice cream parlor.

Because so many of their previous collections have focused on dutch ovens and square bakers, I appreciate that this new offering is all about the smaller pieces in the kitchen. These are the pieces that get put into rotation almost every day, so it makes sense to splurge on them. (In fact, these will be arriving just in time for Mother's Day). Keep an eye out for the collection on, at Le Creuset Signature Stores, and high-end retailers.