It's time to take your cookware deep blue.
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Credit: Courtesy of Le Creuset

Le Creuset’s cast-iron Dutch ovens are pretty much the standard for any serious cook. But part of their appeal, aside from the quality craftsmanship, is the fact that the cookware company never shies away from color. Being able to custom-coordinate or mix-and-match to your heart’s desire with a veritable Pantone catalog of options means your cabinets can be full of functional self-expression. Next month, that catalog gets yet another hue for hungry eyes to choose from.

The latest color to hit Le Creuset goes deep. We’re talking really deep. Taking a cue right from Roy G. Biv, the brand is releasing a line in one of richest colors used as a natural dye and pigment: Indigo. Coming in a variety of Le Creuset's signature shapes and vessels, the intense-yet-neutral blue would seem at home in any kitchen, but especially in those with a country vibe or as an accent to a collection of classic blue-and-white china hanging on the walls. It also just might be the perfect pot to cook with while you're jamming out to some Duke Ellington.

According to a statement from Le Creuset, the indigo collection will be available beginning September 1, 2018 at and on the Williams Sonoma website.

While the timeless-looking indigo series may set a trend in its own way, Le Creuset is also on top of the colors and patterns tending outside the kitchenware world. In August, the brand released an ombre collection, with colorful gradients reaching from base to lid. And earlier this year, the company launched collections in mint, sorbet, galaxy, and even stainless steel. Of course, you can also find Le Creuset in millennial pink, too.

Other than eye-catching colors, Le Creuset has also been tugging at our heartstrings with some nostalgia-inducing Disney collaborations, including Dutch ovens and cocottes inspired by Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and Mickey Mouse himself.