Kish Burries posted a three-part transformation photo to show that finding your sweet spot can take time.

Credit: Cooking Light; @KishMyKurls

While dieting and working out can certainly have health benefits, they can also wreak havoc on your mental and physical well-being, especially if you overdo it. For Kish Burries, losing weight hasn't directly correlated with feeling healthy. Burries recently posted a #TransformationTuesday to Instagram, sharing how she ended up feeling her healthiest after choosing to scale back on working out and dieting. 

Burries posted a three-part transformation photo, showing herself over the course of four years. In the first photo, taken shortly after she got married, she weighed 160 pounds with 28 percent body fat, she wrote in her caption. "Most people experience weight gain during the 'honeymoon' phase, however this wasn’t my reason," she wrote. "I fell into a deep depression after saying 'I do.' I ate cookies and ice cream every day, stayed in the house like a hermit, didn’t want to see the sun (crazy because I lived in Florida), and working out was the unthinkable." 

In the middle photo taken in 2018, Burries wrote that out of the three photos, this is when she was at her lowest weight and body fat percentage: 125 pounds and 19 percent, respectively. Since the first photo was taken, she'd changed her diet and workout routine. She was working out six times a week, eating completely plant-based, and not consuming many calories, she wrote. But she didn't feel her healthiest, and her mental health took a toll as a result, she explained. "I tried to eat as much as possible to match my energy output in the gym, but because I was experiencing major digestive issues from all the fruits, vegetables and beans, (I didn’t eat tofu), my diet became even more restrictive," she wrote. "I was plant-based for a year, up until I started experiencing severe health issues. My hair was thinning, my eyelashes were falling out and my entire pinky nail came off." Yikes.

Cut to photo number three, which shows what Burries looks like today. She wrote that she's now slightly relaxed her workout routine to consist of exercising five times per week, and she's including more "healthy whole foods" in her diet, "with the exception of a few things like dairy, pork, and processed foods." She now weighs about 135 pounds with 23 percent body fat, but most importantly, she feels the best she has in a while, she wrote. 

Burries' post suggests she went from one extreme to another before realizing she prefers a middle ground. She shared her story with a message for anyone who's trying to navigate their own wellness path: "This has been a long journey, but I have discovered what works for me," she wrote. "You can do the same."