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If you're anything like us, then you're always on the hunt for kitchen gadgets that will make your life easier. One of our favorite brands to shop is Joseph Joseph after discovering its life-changing cutlery holder that saves drawer space, and the nesting food containers that keep cabinets organized. Our latest find? This handy cutting board that over 1,700 shoppers say is the key to mess-free cooking.

The Chop2Pot Cutting Board boasts a unique foldable design that makes transferring food from the board to a pan or plate a breeze. The kitchen tool lays flat as you chop, but with one squeeze of the handle, the sides of the board fold up to create a convenient chute—allowing you to transfer food efficiently without it ending up on the floor.

Made from a durable plastic, the innovative cutting board features a soft-grip handle that's comfortable to hold as well as non-slip feet to prevent the board from moving around as you chop. It's also machine-washable for added convenience.

"This is just plain sensible and useful," raved one shopper. "I tried this out when preparing a casserole. Chopped up peppers and onions, then folded the side up and slid the prepared items straight into the pan for frying. No bits shooting off the side or falling on the floor. Genius. Pure and simple."

"Definitely, definitely, definitely get this if you do even some food prepping in the kitchen, wrote another reviewer. "We have multiple wooden and plastic boards already, but this was a bit unique so I decided to try it out. It works like a dream! It's the only cutting board we now use."

The cutting board comes in five different colors and there are three sizes to choose from—large, small, and mini—so you can easily find an option that best suits your culinary needs.

Ready to see what all the hype is about? Shop the Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Foldable Cutting Board for yourself below.

Credit: Amazon

To buy: $20;

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