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Celebrities tend to have a lot of influence on our fashion choices and beauty routine. They inspire our home decor, and they may even help spice up our weekly meal prep routine (thanks, Chrissy Teigen, for the plethora of ideas). But now, one A-lister may seriously change the way you do your daily—or hourly, we’re not judging—coffee runs, making them much more eco-friendly.

Enter, Jennifer Garner and a particular glass cup she’s had glued to her hand since 2018. That’s right, if you take a look through the actor’s street-style archives, you’ll notice that there’s almost always has an unexpected accessory with her: a KeepCup, which is exactly what the name suggests: a reusable cup made from tough, durable, fully-tempered soda-lime glass that you keep and use over and over again. In other words, you can say goodbye to those wasteful throwaway cups forever.

Other notable features about the KeepCup, aside from its environmentally-friendly nature? It has a sustainably-sourced thermal cork band that won’t slip off, an ergonomic sipper hole with a seal closure that prevents coffee from spilling all over you during your commute, and it’s microwave safe.

Amazon shoppers who have followed in Jennifer’s footsteps and hopped aboard the KeepCup train love how easy it is to clean (a huge bonus) and praise its ability to keep your beverage, whether that be coffee, tea, or something else, hot for a long time. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s also earned an Amazon’s Choice badge and boasts tons of five-star reviews. 

Right now, you can shop the exact KeepCup Jennifer can’t stop using on Amazon for just $26. Whether you buy it for yourself or gift it to your coffee-obsessed friend, this is one celeb-loved product that you can feel really good about purchasing.

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