This is not a drill, Barefoot Contessa fans—Ina Garten is back with a brand new cookbook!
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Following the success of her her last book Cooking for Jeffrey in 2016, Garten is releasing her 11th collection of rigorously-tested recipes, Cook Like a Pro. The publication is an extension of her most recent Food Network series of the same title, which recently aired its second season.

“I think what makes this book unique is it’s so packed with really good information that will help people understand what they’re doing wrong so they can do it better,” Garten tells PEOPLE. Like the show, which won a James Beard Foundation Media Award on Friday, the book will feature special Ina-approved cooking techniques (like how to cut corn off the cob without it getting all over the counter) that are woven throughout the recipes.

For Garten, who spends her days testing and retesting recipes at her home in East Hampton, N.Y. until they are absolutely perfect, her continued inspiration comes from taking her classic dishes and finding ways to give them an update. “In the beginning I thought, ‘How am I ever going to write a second book? I’ve already written all of my recipes in the first book!'” she laughs.

“Over time it’s just gotten easier, and I have a running list of dishes and flavors that I like,” she adds. “For example, I love braised short ribs, and this time I’m braising them in a whole bottle of red wine so it’s got a deep, deep flavor. And then I paired them with grits, which I decided needed something interesting, so I put blue cheese in them. And it turns out the blue cheese and red wine are a really great combination.”

Despite the countless recipes she’s developed over the years, Garten shows no signs of getting burnt out from the process. “I’ve been writing cookbooks for almost 20 years now,” she says. “I have to say, I get up in the morning and that’s what I feel like doing. I feel really lucky.”

Cook Like a Pro hits shelves Oct. 23, and is available for preorder now.