Plus, how she keeps her salad greens from getting too soggy.
Credit: Courtesy of Food Network

Let's face it: Sometimes the mere thought of putting any more effort into dinner than throwing something in the microwave has us reaching for our phones to open up our favorite food delivery app. But thankfully Ina Garten is here to offer her zen-like wisdom and reassurance that dining on something homemade doesn't have to be difficult.

Sometimes all it takes is Ina’s comforting confidence to remind us that even the most daunting culinary feat can be made easy. Take, for example, a recent Instagram post in which the Barefoot Contessa lays out a completely approachable lemon vinaigrette made from ingredients you probably already have in your fridge or pantry.

While the task of whipping up a vinaigrette isn’t necessarily keeping any of us up at night, it is one of those insanely simple additions that can transcend store-bought dressing and take your salad to divine heights. Garten took to her Instagram account today to give us a quick crash course in a four-ingredient vinaigrette that’s so simple and fast it can… well, it can be taught to you in an Instagram video.

"Think it's hard to make vinaigrette? It's really not," Garten wrote on Instagram. "This is my favorite lemon vinaigrette, and it couldn't be easier!" She's 100-percent right. Here's how to make it from Ina herself:

Start with a large liquid measuring cup—not only does this make measurements a breeze, but it's also easy to pour from. Squeeze in one-quarter cup fresh lemon juice. Add to that one-half cup olive oil ("good olive oil," of course). Sprinkle in one teaspoon of kosher salt and half a teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper, then whisk the whole thing together until combined. See? She told you it was that simple.

More tips from Ina Garten herself: 

But beyond the vinaigrette recipe, Garten also has another hack in store for when you're making a salad ahead of time. She advises pouring the dressing into the bottom of a large salad bowl and placing the greens on top. Then, when you're ready to serve, simply toss it all together moments before and you'll avoid overly-soggy salad.

Garten hashtagged the post to promote her upcoming cookbook Cook like Pro, as well as the second season of Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro (check out her best tips from last season here) which will feature a slew of celebrity guests including Jennifer Garner, Nigella Lawson, and a Mary Poppins-themed episode with Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda.