An important lesson from the Barefoot Contessa herself. 

By Corey Williams
September 28, 2018
Courtesy of Food Network

Cauliflower seems to be the “it” vegetable these days. It’s constantly being touted as a healthy alternative to everything from buffalo wings to rice.

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated by the mess that results from cutting cauliflower, you’re not alone. A fan recently wrote to celebrity chef Ina Garten with that very complaint.

"Someone wrote to us and asked, 'How do you cut cauliflower without getting it all over the kitchen,' and I thought, ‘Why does it get all over your kitchen?,’" Garten said in an Instagram video. "I realized if you cut straight through the top, it gets all over your kitchen."

Garten detailed a much less messy way to cut cauliflower florets:

Step 1: Turn the head of cauliflower upside down.

Step 2: Cut out the core.

Step 3: Pull the florets apart. Then cut through the stems to create smaller, perfectly-formed florets.

It’s as simple as that!

In the caption, Garten continued, “...once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll be ready to make the Cook Like a Pro sneak peek recipe I’m posting next week!"

It seems like the Barefoot Contessa is hinting that at least one cauliflower recipe will be featured in her upcoming book Cook Like a Pro: Recipes and Tips for Home Cooks, which is set to be released on October 23.