The Barefoot Contessa will promote her new cookbook in nine cities around the country.

Okay, everyone, this is not a drill: Ina Garten, the one and only Barefoot Contessa, is going on tour. You read that right. The woman who always keeps a bottle of champagne in her refrigerator is headed to a city near you to sign copies of her new cookbook, Cook Like a Pro.

According to her website, Garten is embarking on a countrywide tour to bless fans with her charm, wit, and indispensable cooking tips. This is Garten’s eleventh cookbook and it will focus on cooking techniques, like how to remove corn from the cob without making a mess.

On the latest season of Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro, she’s already taught us to cut elegant curls of Parmigiano Reggiano using a vegetable peeler, and that prosciutto peels off the paper much easier if you microwave it for a few seconds. Imagine what kind of wisdom she dispenses in person. She’ll be doing sit down interviews at each appearance, so bring your notebook and be ready to jot down every detail.

Here are all the places Garten will be stopping on her book tour:

  • Chicago, October 30
  • Washington D.C, November 1
  • Atlanta, November 13
  • Dallas, November 14
  • Boston, November 20
  • Seattle, November 27
  • Minneapolis, November 28
  • Denver, December 4
  • Costa Mesa, CA, December 5

Did your hometown make the list? Even if she won’t be making an appearance near where you live, you can still gain plenty of her wisdom. For instance, her 3-point plan for throwing a spring dinner party is essential if you hope to improve your hosting skills this season.

In honor of the release of her new book, you can also try preparing one of Garten’s favorite weeknight dinners, Parmesan chicken. And for dessert, try out this treat, yogurt and strawberries, which she had and her husband eat almost every night. There’s no better way to honor one of the most enduring, beloved chefs in America than by cooking some of her favorite recipes.