Turn up the heat.
Credit: Spiceology

Spiceology has been showing off bold flavors and creative energy since they launched in 2013. They've partnered with some of America's best chefs, including Jean-Paul Bourgeois and Isaac Toups, to bring unique, one-of-a-kind spice blends and seasonings to the home cook who are looking for a little more life in their cupboard and a little more zip on their plate.

But their most recent collaboration is likely to put them on the radar of a whole new set of flavor seekers. Earlier this month, the chef-owned company revealed their Huy Fong Sriracha x Spiceology Collaboration.

The partnership has turned out six unique, wildly creative spice blends, all with the garlicky-spicy-sweet flavors of sriracha at their core. These six flavors include:

Black Truffle Sriracha

Blend the iconic flavor of Huy Fong's sriracha with earthy black truffle, and what you have is a garlicky, umami-rich seasoning that's begging to be put on some roasted potatoes or sprinkled on pretzels. To buy: $14.95; spiceology.com

Candied Bacon Sriracha

You've probably read all you need to about this spice blend: Bacon and sriracha. This unique seasoning manages to play up the sriracha's natural sweetness with that smoky, savory hit from bacon that just makes everything come together. We recommend trying this on eggs in the morning or sprinkled over pork chops before grilling (and then again right before you eat). To buy: $14.95; spiceology.com

Honey Garlic Sriracha

The combination of honey and garlic is an all-time favorite, for everything from meat marinades to side dish seasoning. If you want more garlic kick in your sriracha, then this is the one for you. We'd definitely create a paste with yogurt and slather it on chicken wings, or stir it into mayonnaise for an easy two-ingredient dip for fries, chicken tenders, and more. To buy: $14.95; spiceology.com

Miso Teriyaki Sriracha

Add another Asian influence to sriracha (which originated in Thailand) with miso and teriyaki. This is just screaming to be tossed with Brussels sprouts, carrots, or another root veg for a flavor-packed side. But the sweet and tangy notes would also make it a great option for salmon or shrimp. To buy: $14.95; spiceology.com

Smoked Maple Sriracha

Go ahead and grab a pack of bacon when you get this spice. You're going to want to DIY your own smoky maple bacon with this sriracha blend. Paired with a pile of pancakes, this is one hot spice blend you'll use morning after morning. To buy: $14.95; spiceology.com

Thai Lime Sriracha

The zip of kaffir lime, a petite citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia and Thailand, adds incredible tang to Huy Fong's sriracha, which already has a great deal of brightness. You'll want to use this everywhere you might normally squeeze a few drops of the regular sauce for an extra hit of spice and citrus. To buy: $14.95; spiceology.com

The great news about this exclusive collection is that Spiceology has made it possible to buy at the level of heat you're comfortable. If you love spicy food and think the hotter the better, go ahead and load up on the Sriracha Blends 6-Pack of restaurant-sized sriracha spices. This way, you have plenty of seasoning no matter your plans, and you have back-up in case your favorite runs low and you need to place a delivery order.

Credit: Spiceology

To buy: Large Sriracha Blends 6-Pack, $130; spiceology.com | Individual Blends, from $23; spiceology.com

If you want to pick the exact flavors for your pantry, go ahead and select a few of the individual 5.6-ounce jars: Honey Garlic, Black Truffle, Candied Bacon, Miso Teriyaki, Thai Lime, and Smoked Maple. These jars are $14.95 each, and they're great if you have a pretty good idea of the one or three you will like but want to skip past the ones your family won't touch.

Lastly, if you consider yourself a bit of a spice gambler, someone who adventures through your cupboard of potential flavors, snag this Sriracha Blends 6-Pack Gift Set. It features two-ounce jars of all six flavors so you can taste and test and find the flavor that's right for you before committing to the bigger bottles. Or, if you like to take your heat on the road, this is the perfect size to keep in a purse or car.

Credit: Spiceology

To buy: Sriracha Blends 6-Pack Gift Set, $38; spiceology.com

Spiceology makes their spice blends, chiles, herbs, salts, and other mixes in small batches, so they're as fresh as possible (most seasonings on shelves are months old). That means you can guarantee these mixes are packed with heat and incredible flavor. But it also means spices can sell out quickly, so if you've got a craving for any of these sriracha blends, act now, or you'll be sweating with regret later.