Credit: Getty Images

Everyone knows that avocados are an amazing superfood that scientists believe can help fend off cancer, some types of heart disease, zombie apocalypses and anything else problematic!

These amazing properties (except for fending off the zombie apocalypse, which remains unconfirmed) come from the health benefits of the carotenoids—a type of antioxidant—found in an avocado’s flesh.

But here’s an interesting fact from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry: The highest concentration of carotenoids is in the area of the avocado just beneath the skin. So while it’s important to cut an avocado properly to make sure you get every last delicious morsel, the way you remove the flesh from the skin can also maximize the food's health benefits.

On their Reactions YouTube channel, the ACS walks you through its suggested five-step process to peel an avocado. One of their key points: Don’t use a spoon. Instead, cut your avocado into portions so you can simply peel the skin off, thus salvaging all the healthy bits of flesh that were in contact with the skin.

The best part of learning how to cut an avocado properly: practicing your technique. Over and over again. Who wants some avocado toast?!