Blueberry Crumble is promised as "the creamiest flavor yet." Does it live up to the hype?
Credit: Courtesy of Halo Top

You may have heard the rumors: Halo Top, the ice cream whose "guilt free," low-calorie pint rose to the top of the ice cream charts just a few years after its founding in 2012, is crumbling. But worry not, lovers of that which lies frozen under the golden-ringed lid: that crumble is just Halo Top's newest, limited-edition flavor, Blueberry Crumble, which, the company says, will be available in stores from the beginning of March through May 31. And we had the chance to try it.

Six years into Halo Top's reign, the best-selling pint in the country could easily just rest on its laurels. But with each new flavor (both dairy and non-), its technology is advancing, culminating in what was promised as "the creamiest flavor yet." Did it live up to the hype?

Upon opening the lid, you'll see that the ice cream's color is a blue-ish purple dotted with tiny, crunchy "crumble" bits, which makes it look a bit like a cup of blueberry yogurt that's evolved, a la some sort of low-calorie dairy dessert Pokémon, into a golden-ringed pint of ice cream.

The blueberry flavor itself isn't particularly intense but coupled with the creamy texture, which, yes, is definitely the creamiest yet, it has a nice, easygoing taste with a bit of a frozen yogurt-y feel. The crumble injects a pie or cobbler-esque element, made up of tiny pieces of what seems to be crust (far smaller than chip-size). While sometimes this kind of textural addition can cause desserts to verge into the flavor uncanny valley, in this case, the crumbly bits work, adding texture that justifies the pie influence.

Now, it's not flawless: Halo Top's high-protein, low-calorie product isn't everyone's cup of tea. Besides the taste, there's plenty of evidence that eating artificial sweeteners leads to weight gain, not loss—and you are probably better off just eating the occasional scoop of real ice cream, in moderation.

So if it just doesn't ring your ice cream bell, its unlikely that blueberry cobbler will convert you. But judging by the reaction of the Halo Top skeptics who tried it, if you do want to participate in the phenomenon, this may be the flavor you're likely to enjoy.