Add the clever cleaner to your kitchen.
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Credit: Amazon

Whether you're sifting dry ingredients together for a rub, whipping up a smooth vinaigrette, or beating air into brownie or cake batter, a classic wire whisk is a must-have for a variety of cooking and baking projects. But while the cooking utensil's unique shape is incredibly versatile, it is also quite a challenge to completely clean its nooks and crannies.

Fortunately, a dirty whisk is no match for the Whisk Wiper. The simple tool makes it a breeze to thoroughly clean each wire in seconds, and also prevents splatters and catches drips while whisking. It's no wonder Amazon shoppers can't stop raving about it, with some calling the item "genius" and "a blessing."

Credit: Amazon

To buy: Whisk Wiper, $17;

The Whisk Wiper is made of sturdy, stretchy rubber and attaches to a wide range of seven-wire whisks. Simply align the wiper's slots with your whisk's loops and push the palm-sized device down to where the handle and wires meet before using. When you're ready to wash, pulling the Whisk Wiper off the utensil cleans each loop with one motion.

By squeezing every last drop of whatever you're mixing off the whisk, the attachment is an easy way to reduce food waste. Plus, the Whisk Wiper's teardrop-shaped body works as a drip-catcher, bowl mount, and hand-held spatula to wipe out the remainder of the mixing bowl.

The Whisk Wiper has earned hundreds of positive reviews from customers who confirm it truly does cut down on the time and mess of mixing.

"Here's something I didn't think I would say about a kitchen implement—it's incredibly satisfying," one wrote. "The fact that my whisk doesn't fall into the bowl or roll off the counter are definitely plusses, but the thing I love about it most is that feeling when I slide the wiper off and my whisk is now practically clean enough to put back into the drawer."

Another added, "I'm always peeved by how much batter I lose on the whisk when baking, but this Whisk Wiper actually does work."

The Whisk Wiper costs $17, but also comes with an 11-inch stainless steel whisk. And you can choose from six different colors, like aquamarine, blue, and violet. Order your own now and you'll never struggle with cleaning your whisk again.