"It's the best knife in my collection."

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Credit: Amazon

A quality set of knives is invariably a hefty investment. After all, it's easy to spend upwards of three figures on sharp, reliable knives that are designed to last a lifetime. But for those who don't want to spend that kind of money on a few blades, there are plenty of options that don't add up to the price of a small car.

One of them is the Utopia Kitchen chef's knife, which is a steal at just $9 on Amazon. The classic stainless steel chef's knife is 8 inches long and sharp enough to carve through tough vegetables and thick slabs of meat. You'll feel comfortable grasping the ergonomic blade thanks to the easy-grip handle that provides stability while chopping.

Armed with this well-balanced knife, you'll be able to effortlessly slice through everything from melons and squashes to legumes and alliums without all that unnecessary back-and-forth sawing. And while it is technically dishwasher-safe, hand-washing is recommended to maintain the quality of the blade.

Credit: Amazon

To buy: Utopia Kitchen Chef's Knife, $9 (originally $14): amazon.com

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have come to rely on this chef's knife, with many noting that they were extremely impressed and surprised by the quality. Reviewers say that it's an "amazing price for such a good knife," and one even mentioned that the knife is as "sharp as a shark tooth."

"Amazed that this knife is so good, considering how inexpensive it is," one five-star shopper says. "Far exceeded my expectations. I sharpened it about 20 times on each side with a sharpening steel and it slid right through plastic packaging, meat, and everything with ease. It rocks through mincing garlic or chopping onions the way you'd expect to find only in a much more expensive knife."

"This is a beautiful knife that also has an easy-to-grip handle and cuts through anything with little or no effort," another reviewer says. "In fact, it's the best knife in my collection."

Rather than spend a ton of money on a single blade, shop the Utopia Kitchen Chef's Knife for just $9 on Amazon.