Turn, flip, and grip.

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Credit: Amazon

Like a trusty wooden spoon, tongs are integral in the kitchen, whether you're a novice or experienced home cook. They act as an extension of your arm, reaching into deep, hot pots or grasping charred vegetables atop a fiery grill. When armed with a set of tongs, you can accomplish so much more than if were you just relying on a humble spatula.

If you happen to be in search of a pair, consider the Original Popco Tongs, which are currently a best-seller on Amazon. The stainless steel set includes tongs in three colors and sizes (7, 9, and 12 inches in length), each outfitted with nonstick silicone tips that won't scratch pans or grill grates. The tongs will stay open or closed thanks to the pull-ring locking mechanism that provides you with plenty of control while using or storing them.

Because the ergonomic tongs are also lightweight, your arms won't get tired if you're standing above the stove turning meatballs or flipping fried chicken. Plus, they're heat-resistant up to 480°F, so they're ready for grilling season.

Credit: Amazon

To buy: Original Popco Tongs, Set of 3, $14 (originally $20); amazon.com

It's no surprise that this Popco tongs set has over 7,000 reviewers giving them a five-star rating. Shoppers say they are the "perfect tongs" and "blow away the competition." Many call them a "big upgrade" compared to traditional metal tongs.

"With the silicone tips, they do a great job at grabbing things," one shopper explains."I like that this is a set of three sizes; at first I couldn't imagine how the different sizes would matter, but they do! I use the smallest for picking ice cubes out of the ice bin. The largest size is great for keeping your hands as far as possible from a heat source while you're turning or grabbing food. They are very comfortable in my hand, and because they have grips on the sides, there's no heat transfer. Best of all, I love that these really do lock."

"What a wonderful way of getting rid of one of life's small stressors!" another reviewer says. "These close up so easily and fit in my kitchen drawer organizer so well; I'm no longer frustrated when I need tongs. The three sizes seemed to be unnecessary until I started using them regularly. Now I get it. It has improved my cooking because I no longer have to figure out how to quickly turn over baking or frying items. Easier on your hands and no more wrist burns!"

Whether you're preparing to grill more or merely need new kitchen turners, shop the Original Popco Tongs for $14 on Amazon.