Yes, it can handle metal utensils.

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Credit: Hexclad

We're emerging from what will likely be the biggest year of home cooking for our lives, and if you're like me, you've learned a lot. Three categories of kitchenware are obvious now: the gadgets and cookware you need, the ones you hope to own, and the ones you will absolutely never use. As a person who makes eggs for breakfast nearly every day, I've always relied on durable nonstick pans. If I've learned one thing from the past year, though, it's the power of one nonstick tool I'll likely stick with forever: Hexclad.

Over a year ago, I had the opportunity to try out Hexclad's full set of skillets. I watched them in action first, seasoned and flipping out omelets with ease, all while handling metal utensils and even knives right on the pan's cooking surface. These pans are not a home shopping channel trick: they're constructed with a laser-etched honeycomb design of slightly raised stainless steel, interwoven with a premium PFOA-free nonstick surface that's protected below.

Credit: Hexclad

To buy: Hexclad 7-Piece Hybrid Cookware Set, $350 (usually $539);

When used correctly (a little oil or butter for seasoning and cooking), the skillets work like a charm for everything from scrambling eggs to flipping pancakes and searing meats. The aluminum core with stainless steel layer works on all cooktops and heats quickly and evenly, while the nonstick surface lasts years longer than its traditional counterparts. It's a joy to be able to use the reverse side of the scouring sponge without the worry of wearing away the surface or releasing harmful chemicals. Over a year and a half in, these skillets are still working like the day I unwrapped them.

Another benefit of the bolstered hybrid surface? These pans can stack. It might seem like a simple ask for a cookware set, but having nonstick tools that store easily without needing special padding is huge for even the most spacious kitchen. All the Hexclad pans can go from the stovetop to the oven at 500°, and straight into the dishwasher for cleanup if you've got plenty else to worry about after dinner. The stay-cool handles are easy to wield on the range (though be sure to use oven mitts once it's spent any time in the oven).

Credit: Hexclad

Right now, you can save 35% on their most popular set, including three skillets and a large wok, all with corresponding lids for just $350 (usually $539). If you're looking for one or two pan replacements, there's the large 12" pan for $130 (was $155), the 10" pan for $110 (was $137), and the 8" version for $90 (usually $108). The wok is also a great option (I've used it at home for excellent stir fry results)s, and the 12" version with a lid is on sale right now as well.

If you find yourself spending $40-$50 every one or two years replacing scorched and scratched nonsticks, these tools pay for themselves in no time. They also come with a lifetime warranty, so if there are any issues Hexclad will replace the tools right away. See below for the options for upgrading your cookware to hybrid nonstick stainless steel.

12" Hexclad Hybrid Pan

Credit: Hexclad

To buy: $130 (was $155);

10" Hexclad Hybrid Pan

Credit: Hexclad

To buy: $110 (was $137);

8" Hexclad Hybrid Pan

Credit: Hexclad

To buy: $90 (was $108);

12" Hybrid Wok with Lid


To buy: $179 (was $199);

Hexclad 7-Piece Hybrid Cookware Set


To buy: $350 (usually $539);