With looks guaranteed to impress.


Between a handful of Friendsgivings and the big Turkey Day, chances are that you’ve been asked (or offered) to bring a dish or two to a holiday gathering. The best pack-and-go contributions are the ones that can handle bumpy transports or ample time out of the fridge—we’re talking rolls, stuffings, casseroles, and pie—but there’s still the challenge of getting them from point A to point B largely intact.

That’s where these ingenious carriers come in. Invented by two sisters who wanted the convenience of disposable foil pans but with a stylish presentation, Fancy Panz containers combine the best of both worlds with their protective frames and colorful designs.

To buy: $20; amazon.com

This clever casserole carrier is the perfect size for roasting and baking pans, ensuring easy stacking and squish-free transport. Keep an eye on what’s inside with the helpful windowed lid, which pops right out when you’re ready to serve. The containers even come with a bonus serving spoon.

This product is one of the top sellers in Amazon’s casserole cookware category and has a notable 4.5-star rating. Dozens of users gush about how handy they are for parties and potlucks, as well how many compliments the containers receive.

“I've had so many people ask where I got this,” one wrote. “This is perfect for taking dishes to a pitch in or traveling in the car. I love that the top is attached but you can pop the plastic window out if needed. It's big enough for cupcakes or cookies, or any dish to serve.”

“My new favourite thing for parties,” another added. “I have had loads of compliments and it is really a useful thing. No more spills and it is attractive on the table. The two pan-depth options are great. Love it.”

One of the most attractive aspects of Fancy Panz is the minimal cleanup. If a little bit of sauce or frosting gets on the plastic frame, it’s dishwasher-safe—and the only dirty dish you’ll need to worry about, because you can just toss the empty foil and bring your Fancy Panz home when you’re done serving.

Some reviewers even described how Fancy Panz solves the awkwardness of leaving a beloved casserole dish behind: “When attending potlucks, I always felt a little weird asking for an empty bowl to scrape out whatever was left in my casserole dish when I was ready to leave. At the same time, I felt selfish taking my dish home with whatever was left in it. Now, I can just lift out the foil pan, take my Fancy Panz, and go.”

The pan carriers come in eight colors, including aqua, charcoal, and winter green, and they cost just $20. With Thanksgiving around the corner and even more holiday entertaining on the horizon, now’s the time to step up your serving game.