*buys in bulk*
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We’re always game to try a carb-conscious trade when whipping up our weeknight dinners, especially as balmy summer nights roll around. From zucchini “noodles” to bell pepper “nacho chips,” it’s pretty amazing what you can hack from your farmers’ market haul; and cauliflower comes out on top when we’re talking versatility.

You can mash it like potatoes and stir-fry it like rice, or toss it like gnocchi and bake it like pizza crust. (Seriously, what can’t it do?) The best part: Our favorite grocery havens, like Trader Joe’s and Costco, now sell easy and delicious frozen cauliflower dishes that we can rely on when time is short, supper needs to be served, and we’re trying to turn down the carb intake.

Costco just made your busy nights a little easier—and a little less carb-heavy—by offering frozen cauliflower pizzas you can stash in your freezer until hunger strikes. Customers are raving all over social media about the gluten-free frozen pizzas by Milton's Craft Bakers, citing that its thin and crispy crust tastes gloriously similar to regular thin crust pizza. It feels indulgent, but lets you skip the heaviness of real pizza crust. The only debate is just which option is better: the Margherita Four-Cheese or the Roasted Vegetable. (The Roasted Vegetable seems to be edging out with the win.)

Each pack comes with two pizzas and costs around $14, which means each pizza only costs $7. That’s a steal, considering a serving size is a quarter of the crispy pizza round. (Leftovers, anyone?) To prepare, pop it into the oven, and the guilt-free dinner option is ready to be sliced and served 15 minutes later.

The veggie-packed alternative boasts Costco's signature budget-friendly and bulk-buying flair, convincing us that this healthy dupe will fit in just fine alongside our Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower Stir-Fry in the freezer.

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So whether you’re gluten-free or just carb-conscious, this #CostcoFind is sure to earn its spot on the weekly lineup. There’s no shame in the frozen pizza game, especially if it doesn’t come with the carb-induced coma.