Yes way, rosé
Credit: Electric Rosé

Adulting can be hard at times. But not when you can drink rosé from a Capri-Sun style pouch while you’re lounging with friends soaking up the sun.

How good were the days when you would open up your lunchbox and that little foil pouch was waiting for you? It was like second nature putting your thumb over the top of the straw and poking it through for that first sweet sip.

Yes, we love wine in a can with their cute designs, and of course we'll never give up a standard bottle altogether, but this first ever, single-serve pouch is the answer to those no-glass-allowed or left-the-corkscrew-at-home conundrums. Perfect for the last days at the beach, BBQ's, and picnics, these pouches also happen to be environmentally friendly. The lightweight packaging cuts down on its carbon footprint during shipping and transportation: a full truck load of Electric Rosé may carry over 90% beverage and only 10% packaging. By contrast, the same truck carrying bottled wine may carry a whopping 50% or more of packaging

The six-pack equals one and a half bottles of wine and each pouch contains 12.5% alcohol. Electric Rosé is durable, easy to pack, versatile, and most of all, fun—tugging at our nostalgic heartstrings. Electric Rosé isn't available nationwide just yet, but is currently sold in Georgia, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Tennessee.

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Maybe the best bit about Electric Rosé is that part of the proceeds from each case sold goes to, a charity dedicated to providing clean sustainable water sources to as many people as possible. Sounds like a win-win to us!