It’ll keep drinks hot or cold for hours.

By Katie Macdonald
March 02, 2020
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Credit: Amazon

I’ve mentioned that I’m a devoted Yeti fan before, and I’m hardly the only one. The brand essentially redefined what we’ve come to expect from insulated products, and its selection of drinkware and coolers continually dominates Amazon’s best-seller lists. But there could be a challenger on the horizon.

This past week, Amazon shoppers bought so many stainless steel tumblers from Bubba that their rank increased by 2,760% in the retailer’s kitchen department. What’s more, the $12 travel mug has nearly 1,900 perfect reviews, with many users saying it’s better than (you guessed it) Yeti.

“Can't recommend this tumbler highly enough,” a user said. “It is equal to a Yeti in every way at a very reasonable price. I have had ice remain in mine unmelted for well beyond 24 hours.”

Another added, “I bought one of these a year ago for myself and liked it so much I ordered two more as gifts. They work to keep drinks cold as well as my 20-ounce Yeti (we have done a side by side comparison) and so much cheaper!”

Credit: Amazon

To buy: $12;

Made with a double-walled vacuum-insulated body, the sizable 18-ounce tumbler claims to keep your icy beverages from thawing for 14 hours and your warm drinks piping hot for up to four. It's also designed with a BPA-free sealed lid with a wide opening for spill-free sipping, and it’s top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

In addition to keeping drinks super hot or cold, the Bubba tumbler is incredibly durable, reviewers say. 

“I’m a klutz,” reported a customer. “I have dropped this from a countertop, from my car, out of my hand onto concrete, and the best? In the dumpster. I dove into a (thankfully, empty) commercial dumpster to retrieve this mighty water vessel. And the darn thing didn’t even dent!”

Time will tell if the Bubba tumbler will remain on top—but priced at just $12, it’s certainly worth a try. 

This article originally appeared on Food & Wine.