Romaine lettuce isn’t the only vegetable to keep an eye on these days.

By Chris Morris
May 25, 2018

Romaine lettuce isn’t the only vegetable to keep an eye on these days. Now broccoli is suspect as well.

Stop & Shop has issued a voluntary recall on Private Brand Frozen Broccoli Cuts sold at its flagship Stop & Shop stores, as well as Giant and Martin’s locations around the country.

Stores have already removed the suspect bags, but if you’re a regular shopper, keep an eye out for 16-ounce bags that have a sell-by date of March 15, 2020 and a UPC code of 68826700926.

Stop & Shop is encouraging customers to return the bags for a full refund. The recall came after Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection, Food & Standards found listeria in a random store sample test.

Listeria is a disease that typically targets pregnant women, newborns, senior citizens, and people with weak immune systems. It generally presents with flu-like symptoms. Pregnant women are the most at-risk, though, as it can lead to a miscarriage and possibly blood and brain infections for the fetus.

Stop & Shop customers who have additional questions are encouraged to call 1-800-767-7772.

2018 has been an active year for food recalls. Beyond romaine, some 200 million eggs were recalled in April, several dog food brands were recalled after traces of a euthanasia drug were found in them, and Panera recalled all cream cheese products, also due to listeria concerns.