All the avocado and hummus-themed comedy.

By Ashley Hoffman
Updated June 16, 2017
The Washington Post—Getty Images

Amazon announced on Friday that it will acquire upscale food market chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, and the Internet was quick to erupt with all the avocado and hummus-themed comedy.

The companies struck the deal at a time when sales had been declining for Whole Foods, as some shoppers were swung away from buying organic. The merger is a boost for Amazon, which has been making a play for physical retail spaces lately. As soon as news of the merger broke, the Internet got down to firing off the jokes.

See below for the best of the hot takes about the business deal. Humor about Amazon’s voice-activated assistant Alexa? The Internet had that, but also fun with grocery costs, and the idea that consumers could live without ever shopping anywhere other than Amazon.

See the most ridiculously funny reactions below.