Does your brown sugar look like a brick? This bear's got your back!

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Chances are you, too, have been there, felt that. You've finally landed on the perfect baked good recipe to cure your cravings. Your mixing bowls are ready, the oven is preheating, and your pans are already greased—only to find one of the key ingredients either MIA, past its prime, or not in batter-ready shape. An egg is cracked, the flour canister is empty, the brown sugar is in one solid brick...

While we can't restock your pantry or fridge for you, we can help solve that last challenge in adorable, affordable fashion. Introducing: The Brown Sugar Bear Original Sugar Saver and Softener. This two-pack of terracotta bear-shaped tools, some water, and less than half an hour are all you need to get that brown sugar back in scoopable shape.

A single reusable bear can help retain moisture in your bag or tub of brown sugar for three to six months. Simply soak a bear in water for 20 to 30 minutes, then add it to your solidified brown sugar (this also works to soften hard marshmallows, containers of cookies, or dried fruit). Within a few hours or up to two days, depending on how dry your brown sugar started, it will be lump-free.

"I bake fairly often, but my brown sugar often goes hard before I can get through a whole bag. We recently moved and my brand new two-pound bag of brown sugar got lost in the mix. I found a rock solid hunk of sugar in the back of my cabinet and decided to give these little bears a try," one reviewer admits. "Within about 2 days, I had sugar so soft you would think it was a brand new bag. I love that you can just leave it in your sugar and not think about it for 3 months."

So instead of grabbing a spoon and trying to dig out the dislogdeable bits Shawshank Redemption-style, try one of these $5 bears.

"The other night, I went to get the brown sugar out to make a Lemon Buttermilk Pie but was rather peeved that the sugar had clumped and is now a hard block. I scraped the container out, trying to get 1 cup of sugar out of it. Meanwhile, I'm thinking to myself, 'there's got to be a better way to keep the sugar from clumping like that,'" another fan says, before she finally decided to invest in a set. "I soaked it in a bowl of water for 20 minutes, patted it dry, then stuck it in the sugar container. Totally forgot about it. Came back later on and checked in. WOW! The sugar moistened and even all the way down to the bottom of the container, I was able to scoop the sugar out! I would definitely recommend these to anyone that is frustrated with hardening sugar."

Credit: Amazon

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