It's officially our *lucky* day.
Credit: Aldi

The Irish may be better known for their beer than their cheese, but Aldi is determined to change that this St. Patrick’s Day.

The discount-food giant (known for upping the holiday dairy game) will be debuting five new Irish-themed cheeses for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Some are green, some are infused with alcohol, all are perfect for cleansing your palate after a couple rounds of Guinness.

The St. Patrick’s Day collection will arrive in Aldi stores nationwide on February 27, when customers can stop in for blocks of Pesto Gouda, English Sage Derby, Aged Irish Cheddar, Irish Cheddar with Beer and Irish Cheddar with Whiskey, all made by the brand Happy Farms.

The Pesto Gouda and English Sage Derby are both Kelly green in color in honor of the holiday, while the Irish Cheddar assortments have been imported straight from Ireland. Plus, whether you’re into beer or whiskey, there’s a cheddar with your name on it. And yes, they actually have alcohol in them.

Each block of cheese costs only $3.99, so you can afford the cheese and the beer for your party guests (but you can just tell them you found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow).

Even with all the cheese, you’ll still need more to serve on March 17—take a look at our favorite green, gold and rainbow recipes for more Irish inspo.