The latest spa treatments use unique food-based elements, many of them location-inspired. Here's to nourishing yourself on the outside as well as you do on the inside. By: Lanee Lee
Credit: Photo: Ryan Liebe

Apple Stem Cell Facial

Blackberry Farm, Walland, TN

At the farm's new spa, it's high-tech meets Mother Nature's pharmacy. Using the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple that stays fresh much longer than others, skin is infused with the fruit's antiaging properties. $290/90 minutes.

Cranberry Crush

Featuring the power-packed antioxidants of organic Cape Cod cranberries, the treatment includes an exfoliating sugar scrub and a cranberry-infused shea butter massage. $140/60 minutes.

Cocomint Body Treatment

After a scrub with locally grown Hana cacao, a cocoa butter body wrap, and a minty coconut oil rubdown, take a plunge in the lava rock whirlpool for the full aloha immersion. $195/90 minutes.

Brew & Renew

The spa's treatments featuring Vail-brewed beer offer sudsy soothing after a day on the slopes. Whatever ails you, ale—from an amber beer soak to a hoppy scrub to a "Brewsage"—is tranquility on tap. $45 to $225.

Illuminate Facial

Three steps to fizzy fun: A warming honey cleanser and a rosemary-algae mask prepare the way for the finale: a citric acid masque that bubbles like a glass of Champagne. Leave with a bright glow and a smoother complexion. $225/60 minutes.

Ancient Drumming  

With views of the Sandia Mountains, soak in the healing benefits of a full body mud mask infused with New Mexican red chili. As it works its detoxifying magic, tensions are rhythmically drummed away with muslin bags dipped in pinion oil, followed by an aromatic pinion resin scrub. $190, 80 minutes.

Synchronicity Massage

Combine the power of music with a massage and it’s pitch perfect. Launched earlier this year as the world’s first music-inspired spa, it’s Zeppelin-meets-Zen at various Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos worldwide. Picture treble and bass rippling through the massage table as the therapist’s strokes—much like a dance— sync up with the beats of an expertly curated playlist meant to leave you invigorated and on-fire, much like seeing your favorite band live does. Synchronicity massage, 50 minutes, prices vary by locations.


Dermaspace, Seattle, WA

Although it may look a bit like Hannibal Lector’s face gear, fans of the Iderm treatment say the results – like a natural facelift - are worth the ‘shocking’ getup. Your face is wrapped with cotton strips soaked in an anti-aging solution followed by a leather mask that delivers galvanized electric currents. Like a workout for the face, it draws impurities out as it infuses the skin with nutrients. $115, 60 – 75 Minutes.

CircCell Micro-Needling

Skinlogica Spa, Chicago, IL

The latest in fountain of youth pursuits? Goodbye botox, hello needling. Via a handheld pen, tiny needles puncture the skin; stimulating collagen as it works to repair itself from the tiny injuries. If you’re a bit trypanophobic, not to worry - it feels like light sandpapering. Three to six sessions are recommended to see a reduction in scarring, pigmentation and fine lines. $250, 60 minutes


Cryo Spa, Fort Worth, TX

Now you can join the Polar Bear Club without plunging in an icy lake. Wearing only skivvies, slippers and mittens, you're flash-frozen at 260 degrees below zero in a futuristic-looking chamber. Regular treatments are touted to reduce cellulite, muscle soreness and arthritis as well as boost metabolism. Short-term benefits of the big chill? A natural high and 500-800 calories burned. $40, 3 minutes.


Known for their work with cancer patients due to high-tech, yet all-natural ingredients, Innovative Skincare’s three-step facial is fizzy fun. A honey cleanser that warms as it’s applied and a rosemary-algae mask serve to prepare the way for the finale: a citric acid masque activated with copper peptides that bubbles like a glass of Champagne. Instant results (no surprise, it’s a red carpet favorite with celebs) include a bright glow and smoother complexion. $255, 60 minutes.


Chocolate Indulgence

Long regarded as an aphrodisiac, it’s an ode to cacao for both lovers and lovers of the sweet treat. In a private couples suite stocked with sparkling wine and gourmet chocolates, relish in a dark chocolate-espresso scrub, milk chocolate bubble bath and cocoa butter massage. 120 minutes, $700 (per couple).


Creamy Orange-Ginger Body Scrub

Combine 1½ cups sugar and 1 cup coconut oil, beating in a stand mixer on low until a paste forms, about 2 minutes. After scraping the sides of the bowl, add ½ cup fresh-squeezed orange juice and 1½ tablespoons grated ginger. Give it another quick whirl in the mixer. Apply in the shower, rinsing thoroughly for super-soft skin.