Cooking Light
Active time
15 Mins
Total time
1 Hour
4 servings (1 cup per serving) 

Carrots, coconut milk, and just a touch of brown sugar provide the sweetness while fresh ginger and Fresno chiles add heat to this creamy soup.

How to Make It

1. Heat oil in a saucepan over medium; swirl to coat. Add 1/3 cup scallions; cook 3 minutes. Stir in carrot, ginger, and chopped chile; cook 2 minutes. Add chicken stock, water, and cilantro stems to pan; simmer 30 minutes or until carrots are soft. Cool 10 minutes; discard cilantro stems.

2. Place carrot mixture, coconut milk, brown sugar, lime juice, and salt in a blender; process until smooth. Return to pan; heat over medium-low until warm. Serve with sliced Fresno chile and cilantro, if desired.

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