Photo: Jennifer Causey
Active Time
7 Mins
Total Time
8 Hours 27 Mins
Serves 1

This crisp, refreshing beverage smartly uses rooibos in ice cubes, so the flavor infuses the drink as they melt. We like to use Texas red grapefruit here when it’s in season (winter) because it has gorgeous red color and balancing sweetness. Sarah Scarborough, founder of Firepot Nomadic Teas, uses rose simple syrup in her original version of this recipe. She makes the syrup by combining 1⁄2 cup dried rose petals with 1⁄2 cup water and 1⁄2 cup sugar in a saucepan, bringing the mixture to a boil, and then letting it steep for 5 minutes before straining out the petals. Rose syrup adds another delicious layer of complexity to the drink if you choose to take that extra step.

How to Make It

Step 1

Pour tea into an ice-cube tray to make 3 to 5 small cubes. Freeze.

Step 2

Combine bourbon, juice, and grenadine in a cocktail glass; stir well. Add soda water; stir. Add tea ice cubes; serve immediately.

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